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📱 Which Language Should You Learn for Apps?

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📱 Which Language Should You Learn for Apps?

Hi! This is the Wajahat Tech. My name is Wajaaht and I make apps. Now today I want to talk about "Which Language You Should Learn To Create Apps quot. Okay so today I want to answer a question that was left on... It was left today but it was on an older post. This was left on number...Daily Overpass 2 "Go Games Still Have A Good Market?" and this is by Mark Sol who said "Great insight. I am always interested in diving in app development problem is I don't have any experience.What language would you recommend to start learning? Im interested in creating simple app games or utility tools. Now mark Im just going to giveyou my opinion and everybody has different opinions. So I am almost like.... I was almost like I wasnt sure if .

I was going to answer this onebecause Im sure whatever I saysomebodys going to disagree with. So I would ask everybody else to putyour opinions in the comments toobecause let Mark know because were all going to have different opinions on stuff so. I prefer to use Javascriptcurrently but we use different languages for different things so.

Which Language Should You Learn for Apps?

So lets just take a lay of the land the languages that you could learn and these are theones that I know about that you could do apps with right? So there may beothers that are just never used.So youre looking at Objective-C Swift Java C# JavaScript Lua. And I dont .

I dont think Im missing any but ifanybody know any other frameworks thatuse different languages then let me know.I dont think anybodys ever done anapp framework with Ruby for example butI could be wrong right? So it depends onwhether or not you want to do apps orutility or utility apps or games so youknow because theres different wayslike you could learn just nativecode and the nice thing about learningnative code is that its free. Itsthe one that the platforms would likeyou to use so every time like Androidcomes up with a new version of somenew feature whenever on their newoperating system or same with iOS itsalways available first in native right?So that you could you know whatsgoing on you dont have to pay a lot and then you also have other framework assistant on top of that.So were looking at if you want to dolike iPhone game or iPhone apps you cando Objective-C or Swift. If you want todo Java then you could do... sorry if youwant to do Android then new Java right?

📱 Which Language Should You Learn for Apps?

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So and those would be the nativeones. So like if you want to do an Androidapp and you didnt want to pay any moneyand you just had a bit of time you couldyou know theres loads of resources outthere. You can just download AndroidStudio. Install the AndroidSDK and just start coding away. If youhave a Mac you can get Xcode and youstart doing that on an iPhone right? Nowsome people will use other frameworkslike I prefer...I do some of thosesome of those languages so like I will do alittle bit of Java. I do a little bit ofObjective-C very little like as littleObjective C as I can because Im just...Im just not that comfortable with it but .

I do like using Swift. The problemwith those native code...those native languages is that itsreally difficult to put those into otherother devices. So like if you wrote an app in Swift for example or Objective-Cthen it would be difficult to put itonto Android. So theres lots of platforms lots of frameworks that sit ontop of that so youve got or you know you have got Xamarin which is like C#and .Net which a lot of people useand for some reason every time I mentionXamarin somebody gets angry with me. I think once I called it like a Hybrid which you know they said "Hybrid is Javascript in native so it is not a Hybrid its native!" right? but my wholething with Hybrid I thought Hybridis like two different technologieshybrid together but so youve gotXamarin which is very cool which youcould take you know and you could use like C#. I think you use VB.Net but Imnot sure to create like one app that that fits both but the interfaces and the GUI you have to change theinterfaces a little bit for both.

📱 Which Language Should You Learn for Apps?

So itlooks native to both platforms so if youreon iPhone it would look different thanit looks on Android. So youd have tocode those sizes different but youhave the core which is like thoselibraries. And Xamarin the reason Ihavent used it before it could be a bitexpensive and you know even thoughC# was my... as a contractor thatwas mymain language but I started to move intoJavaScript and I prefer using Javascriptmore right? Youve also gotyou know the Cordova based orCordova / PhoneGap based framework. So weuse the Ionic Framework which is verypopular and I really enjoy using it. Thelimitation of that is that you rely likeif you want to use some native functionality you rely on plugins beingavailable but to be honest with youthere are plugins everywhere. Theres so many that are available and its notthat hard to write them yourself right?But another limitation of those frame works is that its not like it sits inside a web view so itsnot like if you write a button or if you makea button its not like an actual button.What it is is a web page with a button on it with CSS that makes it look native right?

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Which is you could say is good orbad. It depends on your objective. Myobjective is putting up products. When Ifirst started development my objectivewas to find it. So okay when I firststarted out as a developer my objectivewas to find the language or thetechnology that would pay me the mostthen it became the technology that wouldimpress fellow developers the most and now its like the technology that Icould do the least amount of work andput products out there right? So thats why I like using Ionic. I loveusing that framework when we do business applications right? And then youve alsogot uh youve got these kind ofcnewer ones like that are Java script but they compile into native.

📱 Which Language Should You Learn for Apps?

 So youvegot NativeScript and you have gotc React Native and Native Script is doneby Telerik and you know Iplayed around that just a little bit andyou could you know code everything andthen you run it through a compilerand well compile it into a native code sobutton is a button. It looks differenton Android as it does onon iPhone stuff like that and ReactNative is the one who was... I dont knowif it was created by... it may havebeen created by Facebook or recentlypurchased by Facebook. I think it wascreated by facebook and thatspretty cool too. So its the same thingits compiled code but the core is inJavascript so you can use a lot of thesame code and you can actually script it differently for different platforms. Sothats something we played around withquite a bit but havent actually released anything in those yetbut were not thats if you want to do autility app. But if you want to do a gamenow you can use native code to do games.Theres a book out there called "CreatingAndroid Games&quot.

 I forgot it was by Apress. Itwas a huge book. I read through it andthey talked about using native code tocreate a game. Its reallydifficult there because youre actuallygoing into the lower level so like ifyou create a game you actually have theway that it works is you have like agame loop so you know it starts in theloop and it just kind of goes through andyou can code this loop and then throughevery iteration of the loop based on theframe rate you can move characters aboutand all this kind of stuff soeverything moves like that and itsactually fascinating theway it works. I mean I love doing thatkind of stuff but theres alsoframeworks that you could use that makethe job a lot easier. I we use Corona SDKfor a lot of stuff and Corona SDKthe main thing that I dont like aboutit is its in Lua right? And Lua is alanguage thats very easy to learn so ifyou want to just... if you just want to dogames Corona SDK would be myrecommendation. Lua is an easy language tolearn but its not like a portablelanguage. Its very difficult to takeLua and do another app like if you didwant to do a non-game app with it orsomething like that.

Now Corona says youcould use it for business apps and wevedone that for a couple business apps andit just it was really clunky and I foundto be really awkward experience right?Another thing about Corona I think Corona wasjust a Corona Labs which was just acquiredrecently by Appodeal so this alwaysgood because I get the emails because youknow I follow everything that Coronadoes and you know it seems like theyrealways being acquired. Theyre like thefoster children of app frameworks. Theyseem to always be acquired by a newcompany like every six months orsomething. I dont know if thats good orbad but anyway I love that platform buta lot of people will disagree with thatsay Corona is the best. They will say itsUnity. If I hadnt gone for Corona Iwould have gone for Unity. Unity uses C#JavaScript. You cancode for iPhone and Android its a bitmore expensive like Corona was used tobe expensive and then it was free andthen they started charging for...they charge parts for putting onsplash screen and charge you for thesplash screen.

I think unity is the same.I think you get it you couldrelease it for free but you have asplash screen. Unity guys Iknow theres loads of Unity guys outthere correct me if I am wrong in thecomments so. In Unity you could do 2D 3Dyou know if you pick up that skill then that would be really really useful right?And then also you have got Cocos2d-xwhich is a very popular one and that Ithink is an Objective-C or C++ and you could you know code for both platforms.Theres also a JavaScript version ofit called Cocos2d-JS which Ive had aplay around with but I never really youknow I think the document at that time... the documentation was not that good so its really you know really really hard to use.So thats you know where weare. Theres loads of different opportunities. The nice thing is youcould invest nothing but time and pick up some of this and I would like to say that its not as hard as youmight think and I know that its difficult because there are so many different technologies out there youdont know where to go and a lot of times you have to choose you just chooseone direction and go that way. If you go...I would say if you go native you cant go wrong right? because its nativebut then youre limited to one platform and you know it seems to be alittle bit more difficult right? Likewhen I use Objective-C I always me it feels like I am running with myshoes tied together like everything ishard right? But theres other people whouse Objective-C and theyre just so usedto C++ and everything like that thattheyre just like "I just love coding inthis objective-C. I dont use thoseframeworks or whatever" so its just youknow if you pick that up then that Ithink that would be good. So anyway Markget started. Dont keep lookingaround. Dont research it too much. Getstarted.

Go with Android.Androids taken over anyway. Go withnative Android and just you know get onwith it or you know pick up the Ionic Framework and start learning with that.It is better than you rather than learnthe language and then start in the codeI always find it better to start in thecode and then figure out what all thisstuff means and then when you go do andread one of those books it all starts tomake a bit more sense to you. Anywaythats just my opinion and everybodyplease let Mark know and also let meknowwhat you guys think if theres anylanguages Ive missed if theres something that you use that you think are waybetter. And again let me justemphasize that its not about the code its about the product and its aboutyou know getting it out there andgetting people using it. So unless youregoing for a job and you want somethingthat will pay you well then Iguess it is all about the code. Anyway thatsit for today. I will talk to you guystomorrow.

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